I am so sorry for your loss and want you to know I am thinking about all of you as you grieve the loss of your mom. Thank you for the wonderful video and memorial service and for the invite to “attend.” I especially loved all of the pictures. I often wonder why some things in life go the way they do and at the same time have to accept that they were meant to be that way and obviously out of my control. However, I couldn’t help but feel sad looking at all the pictures of your mom and thinking that I missed out on having an aunt/niece relationship with her as a result of my Uncle Buck’s and her divorce.

Because I was so young at the time, I have very limited memories of her and time with all of your family and for that I am sorry. I think I would have enjoyed her sense of humor, her love of adventure and travel, and her passion for life. I feel like I got to know her a little better through the pictures and Ken’s great narration of her life. I am also glad that in the years since we kids were young there have been a few opportunities to reconnect. Know that I appreciate and enjoy it. Thank you again for sharing the memorial with me. Love to you all.