Ruthie has been our good friend for 40 plus years. We will always remember her laugh over even the corniest jokes. Ruth was always ready for a party and generously contributed to their success.
We have many happy memories of Ruth and her family ( picnics, apple picking, pool parties and the like)
I have enjoyed many phone conversations with her over the past several years and they would almost always end with a sharing of the latest joke we had heard. She laughed easily and heartily.
Her zeal for the preaching work never diminished even in her declining years. She was always looking for an opportunity to share the truth of God’s word with others even with the POTUS Bill Clinton.
Ruth was a good mother,a good friend and most importantly a faithful servant of her god Jehovah who will remember her for good.
We will miss her greatly but her sleep in death will be short and we can enjoy her company once more as a young vivacious woman ready and willing to continue to do Jehovah’s will.
Alan @ Gloria Monroe